Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Classroom Management Videos: Teach Like a Champion

A few weeks ago, I was browsing TheCornerstoneForTeacher's website and found this classroom management video.  The video notes some techniques about acquiring and maintaining the class' attention, mostly through the use of nonverbal cues.

The techniques are from a book called Teach Like a Champion. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking at reviews now and I'm curious about it. There are a few things in the video that I want to borrow. Most of them are things we're told repeatedly to do with students (such as correcting behavior and immediately shifting the focus elsewhere), but I like how they are achieved in this video.

"I don't have Marissa, but I do have Jasmine." It corrects the behavior, and also brings to attention someone doing something positive.

What's really cool are the nonverbal cues. Without saying a word, the first teacher in the video is able to tell students to put their hands down, keep their eyes on her, listen carefully, pay attention to what's on the board, sit up properly, and probably several other things! I like that, because it means she's trained them to recognize and respond to her cues, and it maintains a lot of order and prevents interruptions.

With subbing, of course it's a little harder to teach students some cues when you're only with them one day, but I still think there are some things in the video I'd like to try myself and keep in store for when I am a regular teacher.



  1. Veronica,

    So funny that you would post Bob on your substitute teaching blog, because we actually have footage of Bob substituting! At first it's clear that these students students are not interested in doing what he asks, but he begins Narrating the Positive (pointing out students who are following directions), and has all students on task within 30 seconds. Wish I could share the clip!

    BTW, loving the reflections and resources on your blog!

    Alex Salinsky
    Analyst - Uncommon Schools, Inc

  2. Thanks, Alex! I was looking at some videos from Uncommon Schools, and I decided I was going to post some soon. They seem quite helpful. It's inspiring to know that Bob started off subbing because he appears to be a good teacher.

  3. WOW that was a great video. I like the techniques put forth, like the video said 'minimally invasive' as they were. No real disruption of the lesson just quick and effective redirecting and refocusing. This should be implemented in more schools. The closest thing we have to that in our district is the whole 'give me 5!' all students put their hand up with all 5 fingers outstretched and become silent. It's somewhat effective but not nearly enough.

  4. Thanks, singswell! I agree! I think Teach Like a Champion contains some really good techniques.