Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cool Math Game: Conceptual Bingo

With summer approaching, I’ve decided to post about some of the coolest things I’ve encountered in classrooms this year.  As I mentioned when I began the blog, I actually keep an "idea notebook" and jot down any interesting books, resources, games, ideas, etc that I see at work (the Class-Build-a-Story came from this same notebook).  I started doing it long before I blogged because I wanted to keep these things in mind for my own classroom.  But I think they’re useful recommendations for all of you, too!  So, I’ll start posting some since I have barely touched on them so far.

This cool resource made my list just in the last couple of weeks.  It’s called Conceptual Bingo.  I’ve already made known my love for all things Bingo in classrooms, but I usually see Bingo used with words (like characters or social studies facts) or very simple arithmetic that helps young students.

Recently, however, I subbed in a classroom where I got a chance to experience Conceptual Bingo.  It’s a nice game that gave kids a chance to practice fractions (simplifying, finding equivalence, etc) and still enjoy a rousing game of Bingo.  The kids enjoyed it and actually had to have sheets of paper out to find their answers. They actually have to LISTEN in order to play.  This is the first time I’ve seen a Bingo game used for more advanced skills in math.  I really like the fraction one because you can use several calling cards for the same answer, and they got to practice simplifying, using mixed numbers and improper fractions, etc.

I’d recommend Conceptual Bingo for elementary and middle school students, depending on the skill being practiced.  I looked online and they have different skills for each game: whole numbers, money, time for basic skills; fractions and decimals for more advanced students; and even polynomials and rational numbers for introductory algebra skills.  This is a classic classroom game that kids love and could help them practice various math concepts.  If you have students with various abilities, using different games would help differentiation.  

If you’ve played Conceptual Bingo, how does your class like it?  

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  1. Concepto Bingo looks very educational, fun, exciting and very interactive. I will suggest this to our class, I really hope that my Math teacher try this in our class.

  2. I hope you get a chance to play it!

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  4. I'd recommend Conceptual Bingo for everyone