Friday, May 6, 2011

Online Game: Science and Extreme Sports

Demonstrate the application of scientific principles with TryScience's Extreme Challenge, which combines students' interest in extreme sports with science.  By exploring the site, they can learn why traveling on a snowboard in a crouched position is more aerodynamic for faster movement, or how fiber typing different muscles is important for athletes.  Students then apply their science knowledge to compete in the online games!  Try the Quick Play to practice the challenges without registering.


  1. It's nice and awesome. Students will knew how to be an athletes in their different muscles of what sports they were fit for the future. Thanks for sharing !

  2. I tried the game and it requires high intelligence to solve the problem... I really recommend this to students especially the ones in middle school as well as college students. Its challenging and fun.

  3. Thanks for reviewing the games! I agree that the game is challenging, which is a good thing.