Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Help Your Students Become "Word Nerds"


 Wouldn't we want all of our students to not only build their vocabulary but LOVE to do so?  An awesome book I saw recommended by 4thGradeFrolics and LookingfromThirdtoFourth is called Word Nerds , and it is teeming with ideas to accomplish this very thing.  I've enjoyed gleaning ideas from the book!

  • 4thGradeFrolics showcases how her students use the "vocabulary lanyards" activity to practice learning new words and definitions, discovering antonyms and synonyms, etc.  The book has several activities for small groups and the whole class to practice using their words in order to commit them to memory.  What I love is that most of the activities are engaging and require the students to think and talk to one another, making connections about what they're learning.
  • Check out AllensTeachingFiles for a list of several small and whole group activities found within the book, everything from charades to board games to illustrations.
  • This is an excellent Word Nerd classroom display that helps students keep track of the new words they've come across in their reading.
  • Of course, there are tons of ideas in the book itself, like throwing a Pirate Party, A game of Deal or No Deal, creating vocabulary links, crystal ball words and much more.

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