Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 5 Teaching Tips of the Week (September 6-12)

  1. Using Pringles to teach engineering skills?  That’s what Mr. Salsich’s elementary class did when they had to figure out a way to mail a single Pringle a long distance without breaking the chip.  The cool science experiment is documented on their Edublog archive.  Find a cooperating class in another city, state or country and then try it! 
  2. I also found a more complex version of this activity for older students.  Students are challenged to make their package have the smallest mass and volume, and still keep the single Pringle intact. 
  3. Book Adventure could help your students find reading material that reflects their interests.  The Kid Zone allows them to find books based on their own criteria, and the site also provides comprehension quizzes that students can use to earn points for prizes.  The site has a wide-range of recommended books and quizzes, from Charlotte’s Web to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  4. Teach your class about energy conservation using California-based Energy Quest.  There is even a cool online novel called Devoured by the Dark included on the site, offering the integration of science and reading.
  5. Looking for classroom craft ideas?  Visit for their collection of craft projects suitable for various grade levels and subjects.  Decorate your room with the Recycled CD-mobile, or invite students to make an “All About Me” scrapbook.  My favorite?  The Turtle Maracas.

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