Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17/11 Tips: Substitutes, FTW's Popular Posts

  • How to Make Substitute Lesson Plans: a Checklist is a very popular post on the site.  I've had people tell me how helpful it was to them when it came time for preparing their sub plans.  It's long and thorough and, though it doesn't cover specifics, it gives you some good guidelines to follow.
  • Class Build-A-Story is an activity I borrowed from a gifted class that turns out to be a great, flexible thing for subs to use when they need time to fill in a classroom.  I'm kind of bummed I haven't had an opportunity to even do it this year, but I'm sure it will happen soon!
  • Teach Like a Champion techniques (video) for grabbing and maintaining your class' attention.  I've actually attempted a few of these recently.  With a little practice, I think I could use them really effectively.
  • Browse through the blog's teaching tips of the week, which explore all grade levels and subjects.  More weekly tips will be posted next Monday.

Enjoy your MLK day, everyone.  I've got some posts coming this week to show you how crazy the last couple of days have been.

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