Friday, August 5, 2011

Math Center: Division Dash!

  • Grade Level:  3-5, or any students needing to practice dividing two-digit numbers by a one digit number
  • Operations:  division, and addition to determine points
  • Materials:  cards numbered 1-9, score sheet, paper and a pencil
  • Steps:
    • The rules of the game are outlined in detail here.
    • The basic idea of the game is for students to flip over three of the cards, which will be their two-digit dividend and their one-digit divisor.  (Let's say they flip over 5, 6 and 2.  They can divide 56 by 2.)  Students will find their quotient (ignoring remainders) and that will be their score.  After each turn, they add their quotients up for their new score.  The first person to reach 100 wins the game.  This is a two-person activity.
  • Possible Extension:  
    • Increase the number of numbered cards in the stack, and have students flip over more cards for two-digit by two-digit division, or larger problems.
    • Add a timer.  Students have to reach 100 within a time limit, and each problem has to be accurate to win.

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