Sunday, September 18, 2011

Create a Culture: Social Studies Project

Create a Culture: A Complete Framework for Students to Use in Creating an Original Culture (Multicultural Question Collection)

This is a project book that invigorates social studies and geography lessons with lots of imagination!  Teachers can use this book to assign the creation of an entire culture.  Students have to work together to think about their population, geography, currency, system of government, and literally build an entire culture from scratch.  They are able to use the reproducibles in this book to think broadly (like where their culture is located) and very specifically (like what kind of sports their culture enjoys).  There are many pages in this book that teachers can choose to use for a long-term project.  Creative thinking really brings this activity to life.
I think it's a great way to open students' eyes concerning the real facts and information they learn about countries and cultures around the world.  When they get a chance to create, they are using those coveted higher-level thinking skills.  This books takes them step by step through the process.
Another reason I recommend this book is because I did a similar project back when I was in junior high.  I still remember it!  I remember my imaginary country, the maps I drew, the flag I created, and the industries I made up.  Clearly, after all these years, that specific project left a positive impression on me.  I never did anything quite like it, and I do recall my enjoyment.  I think today's students would enjoy it as well.

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