Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moon-Gazing Activity for Elementary Students

What better way to study a major element in spooky stories than to assign a moon-gazing activity?  The First Grade Parade created this activity that is apropos of Halloween or any space unit.  It highlights the phases of the moon while giving students the opportunity to work on their observational skills.

Students take home a cute little notebook in which they draw the moon they see at night, bring the notebook back to class and send it home with the next student to observe and draw.  Soon the moon notebook will be full of students' rendering of transitional moon phases.

The moon notebook is stored in a "moon bag" which also includes a moon book selected from the library, chalk to draw the moon pictures on the black notebook paper, hairspray to seal the chalk on the drawings, white crayons, and a moon log.

First Grade Parade provided all of the instructions and the downloadable moon log so you can try this activity with your students as well.

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