Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Halloween Multiplication Game

Sunny Days has created a great game for math centers with her Multiplication Boo Bump.  She adapted a popular math game called "Bump" specifically for Halloween.  

All students need are colored pieces in a color of their choice (which could be paper, counters, Unifix cubes, or whatever you have) and a pair of dice.  Students roll the dice, multiply their numbers and cover the answer with their colored piece on the game board.  If someone already has their colored piece their, they can "bump" it away.  If a person lands on the same answer twice, they can put two pieces on that answer, which cannot be "bumped."  The first person to use up all of their colored pieces is the winner.

A cute, simple game all available for download.  Sunny's Days' download includes the game board and instructions.  All you have to do is register at and download this free activity.

Be sure to visit the Sunny Days blog for other great ideas and activities.

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