Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cheerios for Science

Ever notice how snacks form the basis for great classroom activities?  We've already discussed how candy can be used in science experiments, and even cereal can be used for science lessons.  Just check out how A Series of Third Grade Events used Cheerios to represent molecules.

The third-grade class created mobiles to show how molecules behave in different forms of matter.  Check out all the pictures of the awesome examples they made.  Solids show the Cheerios packed tightly together, while liquids and gases show the Cheerios spaced apart.  Perfect illustration of the molecular makeup of matter.

Now only are Cheerios involved in the project, but the teacher also assigned that students describe characteristics of each form of matter.  Nice touch to showcase understanding of many concepts in one hands-on activity.  And, at the conclusion, you get a neat classroom decoration to hang from the ceiling.  Check it out!

photo: microsoft

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