Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decorate Your Door for Black History Month

Check out this inspirational Schooltube video from Edwards Middle School.  In it, you see footage of the entire school participating in a door-decorating contest to celebrate Black History Month.  Each class chose a person to highlight, worked together on different components of their door design, and showcased their best efforts for judging.  

I like this project because it provides a good research activity, gets students working actively and cooperatively, and it gets the whole school involved in acknowledging an essential part of American history.  Plus, I bet the kids had some fun!  Another good thing is that the concept could be adapted to fit any other special concept you want students to highlight (for instance, a time period in history or an author study).  

I also found another good link with a door decorated to resemble a book by a Black author.  Could you organize this activity for your school or grade?  How great would it be to have students take a tour of the Black History Month “exhibits” and jot down notes about interesting things they learned, possibly as a springboard for further study?   How will you celebrate Black History Month?

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