Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turn Broken Crayons into a Valentine Craft


I found this interesting Valentine’s Day activity that’s both practical and eye-catching.  It’s practical because, around this time in the year, elementary classes often have tons of broken crayons that will be discarded, lost or replaced.  This project gives you an opportunity to make use of those all broken and stunted crayons that are probably collecting in a big tub, or in students’ pencil boxes.

The project is eye-catching because the little heart-shaped creations are colorful, artistic and would make good non-candy gifts for a classroom party. 
Pink and Green Mama made a thorough description of the melted crayon hearts project (also click here).  Look how pretty!  All that’s really necessary are sorted crayons (challenge students to peel off the paper during free time), a baking sheet, some vegetable spray, and a place to cool.  The melting process is a pretty quick one!

Here is another good example.

I also found this helpful description on  Marilyn Brackney gives some good tips on combining the colors in the baking sheet:  she advises you to stick to putting colors close together on the color wheel in the same mold, which creates prettier mixes in the final products.

The good thing about this project is that long after Valentine’s Day is over, students can keep and use the heart-shaped crayons for their coloring.


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