Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wintery Inference Activity for Primary Grades

Babbling Abby put together a fun lesson for her first-graders about making inferences.  Inspired by the snowy season, she challenged her class to become “Inference Investigators,” with her lesson including a case file with clues for her students to piece together.  After working collaboratively, students were able to create a timeline of events based on the inferences they made about their clues.  Sounds like an engaging, effective lesson to me!  Check out her blog post for a detailed description of the lesson.

Babbling Abby has the entire printable lesson plan for this activity available for purchase on TeachersPayTeachers.  You could also use her lesson as inspiration and adapt it to fit the needs of your class.  I’ve always liked the idea of teaching inferences through “detective/mystery” concepts because I think that kids respond well to that type of challenge.

Stay warm!


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