Friday, March 18, 2011

Challenge Teens to Create a PSA for an Issue

In my previous post about why I like contests, I mentioned that contests come in all forms and can, therefore, present unique challenges that delve into student interests.  This Teen Health and Wellness video challenge from Rosen Publishing is a good example of that.

It's a quarterly competition that asks teens to choose social issue they're passionate about, create a 2-minute video about the issue, an upload it to youtube.  This would be a great assignment for a health or media class.  

Winners will have their videos posted on the Teen Health and Wellness site, a letter of recommendation, a gift card for Barnes & Noble, and a chance to win an IPod Shuffle!

Submissions are ongoing, and students can submit as many videos as they like!  The website even has a good example made by a teen.

Here is a flyer for the competition posted on the website:

Good luck!


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