Sunday, March 25, 2012

Play "Password" to Review Vocabulary Words

I found this idea on Pinterest. provides easy instructions for science review using the popular game known as Password.  If you've never seen it, Password is a game where one person gives their partner clues about a certain word, but they can't say specific things about that word that would make it easy for their partner to guess.

The site suggests using it to review science vocabulary (and, if you sign up for the site, you can download the activity to share with your class), but you can really use it for any type of vocabulary practice.  In fact, you can adapt this activity for review of social studies/history facts, characters and events in a novel, math terms, etc.  Just have the students create their words on index cards, being sure to include words they "can't say" when they provide clues for their partners.

It's a great game for review and practice with words.  The partner has to provide the word, but it's also beneficial for the clue-giver, who has to make other associations with the word than just the "book definition."  See examples and instructions here.  


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