Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Write Stories Using Kerpoof!

Turn your next creative writing activity into a fantastic publishing opportunity for your students.  All that's needed is Kerpoof, which allows them to create virtual storybooks.

Peruse the site to see how easy the navigation is.  All students have to do is choose a genre, characters and setting.  They have a wide variety of enjoyable options, like science fiction with aliens, fantasy with wizards and princesse, or rock stars in concerts.  Students can get pretty creative with all the selections available.

Once they make their choices, they click and drag them to the digital storybook pages, where they can add text and dialogue.  You can encourage your students to include story elements or specific topics of study.  Once finished, students can save and print their stories, or publish them on the site for other readers to view.

Kerpoof helpfully provided a step-by-step guide to using their storybook feature.  Their site also includes good activity suggestions, such as having students create the story pages with empty dialogue bubbles so that other students can fill in the words.  

Kerpoof has many other cool aspects of their site, but the digital stories are my favorite.  Consider this as a computer/writing center option, or a fun writing project.  Check out the lesson plan page for more suggestions.  It's free!

                         Used With the Permission of Disney/Kerpoof

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