Sunday, July 22, 2012

Using the "Skype Mystery Call" as a Geography Activity

What an exceptional geography activity I found at Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog!  It allows students to interact and compete with a classroom anywhere else in the world, trying to figure out one another's geographic location.

This activity is called a "Skype Mystery Call," and the video posted below shows a good example of how it is done.  Integrate technology by using Skype to contact a class anywhere on the globe.  Leave the other class' location a mystery to your classs.

Next, assign jobs to small groups of students.  For instance, some kids can work with an atlas, while another uses GoogleMaps; other kids can keep track of which clues are given, etc.

The two classes take turns asking each other geographic questions about their opponents' location.  If the other team responds with a "yes," the first team can continue with another question.  If the other team responds "no" to a question, then it is their turn to ask one.  Only yes and no questions are allowed, so students have to use their geographic knowledge, map skills, and logical reasoning to find where the other class is located.

The class wins if they are first able to come up  with the correct location of the opposing class.

As the video demonstrates, kids can find this activity exciting and engaging.  Give it a try to test your students' geographic skills, and get to know another class in a cool game.

The Mystery Skype Call from langwitches on Vimeo.

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