Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Mint" Your Own Coin: A Classroom Activity

Ology has done it again!  They have another really cool hands-on activity.  This time, it's for social studies: have students "mint" their own coins!

The activity includes printable examples of coins from around the world (you can also have a few coins from your own country to pass around) so that students can examine the components of money:  dates, images, mottos, etc.  

Next, students use poster board to cut out and uniquely design their own coins, making their own important symbols and images.  If they could create their own money, what would it look like?  What motto would be used?  Why?  Have students show off and explain their creations to the rest of the class, and consider using the coins as a display.

This might be an interesting activity to use while working on creating their own culture.

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