Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word Work Center: Boggle Board

If you're like me, you enjoy word games.  Because of this, I was delighted to see an abundance of Pinterest posts showing adorable word work centers styled after the Boggle game.

Arrange letters on a wall (or a wall, desk, cabinet... I've seen some pretty nifty use of space with these!), embedding spelling words, sight words, vocabulary or "bonus" words for students to find using the same rules used to play Boggle.  I love a comment on 4thGradeFrolics that suggested making one word using all the letters posted (related to something being taught in class or a seasonal concept) and challenging students to work on it when they have free time.  You can change the letters at intervals and present a new challenge to students.

It's like a more creative version of a word find.  Check out MrsRojasTeaches helpful printout that offers students a place to record the words they find.

3 examples found on pinterest

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