Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beginning a New Series on Classroom Centers

One of my favorite aspects of education is the use of classroom centers and workstations.  I love them!  The activities, the work and investigation students have to perform, the cooperative learning... I just really enjoy seeing classrooms buzzing with all the learning that takes place in centers.  The more creative and engaging, the better.

Centers are certainly something I will make use of once I become full-time.  In my journeys on teacher forums, I notice tons of questions about what would be good center activities, particularly for math and science.

That inspired me to create a new series on Classroom Centers.  Basically, I spent the past school year really keeping my eyes open for pretty much every center activity for every subject.  I jotted down notes on the ones that looked promising.  Now, I have a notebook full of ideas and now I'm going to share them with all of you!

Some centers are things I've found on the internet.  Many will come from things I actually saw performed in classrooms while I was subbing.  When possible, I will give credit to sources (some of the ones I copied came with instructions and sources).  Some centers will come from magazines.  And I want you to recommend any good center activities you use or find so that I can catalog them on my blog.  I really think it would be a big help to teachers everywhere.

Stay tuned for Substitutesftw's center series!

Be sure to click the "centers" label for my past posts about centers.

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