Monday, July 25, 2011

Math Center: "Zero Wins"

  • Grade Level:  2nd-3rd
  • Operations:  subtraction
  • Materials:  3 dice, paper and pencil for each student
  • Steps:  
    • Students can work in partners or small groups.  They write "999" at the top of their paper.
    • Each student will roll the three dice and form a number to subtract from 999 on their paper.  The goal is to be the first one to each zero because "zero wins."
    • Students win when they reach exactly zero.  They can't go over.  That means when their number gets low enough, they can choose to roll just one or two dice to get exactly 999.  If their roll would make their number become less than zero, it's the next player's turn.  They can only win win they roll whichever number would give them exactly zero.
    • Students should quickly pick up the goal is to subtract the largest number that can be created from their dice roll, which means choose the largest number for their hundreds place, the next largest number for their tens place, etc.  This game will give them a chance to practice subtraction with hundreds, and borrowing.
  • Possible Extension:  
    • Have students start with zero and add numbers to equal exactly 999.
    • If you have enough dice for each student, you could turn this into a whole class game.  Have everyone write "999" and begin their dice rolls and subtraction at the same time.  The first one who reaches exactly zero wins.
  • Source:  Envision Math

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