Sunday, July 24, 2011

Math Center: Practice Fact Families with Dice

  • Grade Level:  1st-4th, or any students practicing fact families
  • Operations:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Materials:  a pair of dice, paper to write fact families
  • Steps:  
    • Decide on the operation students will use for their fact families.
    • Students roll the dice.  The two numbers rolled will be the basis of the fact family.
    • If they are using addition and subtraction, students will add their two numbers and make the sum the third number in the fact family.  After recording the 3 numbers, they can make their fact families.  If using multiplication and division, they do the same thing except they will multiply their 2 numbers instead of adding.
    • Students can draw little houses for their fact families.  They can even use construction paper for their houses.  
  • Possible Extension:  Roll both dice twice.  Find the sum or product of each roll and use that as the basis for the fact families.  This will make the fact families use larger numbers, which may better suit students who've mastered easier numbers.  Another idea is to use ten-sided dice.

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