Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pop-Up Books for Advanced Readers, Part I

A few weeks ago, I suggested a few pop-up books for young readers.  Now, I want to focus on books that have the same pop-up magic that fascinates children, but also have more text that is appropriate for advanced, older readers.  Pop-up books are not just for early elementary children!  The text in these books is just as well thought-out and impressive as the intricate pop-up designs.  The great thing about most of the advanced pop-up sources is that they are usually written as informational books which would appeal to lots of readers, especially boys.

The books suggested here are all created by my favorite pop-up artists, Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.  As far as I'm concerned, you can't really go wrong with any of their books.  Stay tuned for Part II, in which I suggest more advanced pop-up books by different authors.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Prehistorica:  Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs is one of Sabuda and Reinhart's Encyclopedia series, which takes subjects from history and fantasy and creates wonderful informational books with amazing pop-ups.  If you have dinosaur lovers who want to nearly be captured in the clutches of a terrifying T-Rex, this is the book for you.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters
Encyclopedia Prehistorica:  Sharks and other Sea Monsters 
Sharks builds on the same sense of wonder with dangerous prehistoric creatures as Dinosaurs.  This time, Sabuda and Reinhart take readers under the sea to learn about creatures like teeth-baring sharks and crocodile-like menaces.  Remember, Sabuda and Reinhart have become known for including mini-books and extra places within the book that feature more pop-ups and information.  This means readers get the chance to read lots of text to accompany the stunning visuals.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Prehistorica:  Mega-Beasts
Mega-Beasts showcases some of Earth's most daunting creatures from eras past, like the sabre-tooth tiger and giant lizards.  The grand finale is the great wooly mammoth, whose trunk and tusks lunge at the reader and give them a sense of how majestic and formidable these creatures were.  Check it out.

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Fairies and Magical Creatures Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Mythologica:  Fairies and Magical Creatures
Fairies is made specifically for fans of fantasy creatures like fairies, mermaids, elves and other things you find in fairy tales and fables.  This would appeal to many girls, I'm sure.  My favorite page is the impressive centerpiece made by a lovely unicorn.  

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons and Monsters Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Mythologica: Dragons and Monsters 
Dragons and Monsters features creatures and characters from various cultures' mythologies.  Readers will have up-close encounters with Medusa, dragons, vampires, and even the legendary Kraken challenging a ship.

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Mythologica:  Gods and Heroes
Gods and Heroes takes readers on a journey through the ancient mythologies of the Norsemen, Greeks, Egyptians, Asia, the Americas, etc.  This is a great tool for students interested in exploring ancient cultures.  Check out the Egyptian god who pops out to greet readers on the first page.

DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book
DC Super Heroes:  The Ultimate Pop-up Book
DC Super Heroes is Reinhart's tribute to some of the most popular characters in the world of DC Comics.  The book serves as an introduction to some of the major characters and story lines, as well as a visual treat for long-time comic fans.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and tons of others are featured.  Listen to Reinhart describe his process in making the book.

Any of these books would be a great addition to your library!  Another great thing is that older readers will probably be more careful with the books, which is important when you have such fragile pieces in the books.  Happy reading!

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