Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pop-ups For Advanced Readers, Part II

Part I featured many of Sabuda and Reinhart's best work, but I wanted to suggest even more pop-up book creators on this particular list.  Again, these are pop-up books with impressive visuals and informational text best suited for advanced readers.

Predators: A Pop-up Book with Revolutionary Technology
Predators by Lucio and Meera Santoro
Predators boasts its use of "revolutionary technology" to create its pop-ups.  This book features tigers, eagles, bears, spiders and some of nature's other famous predators.  Animal lovers will find this book interesting, but be careful with these pop-ups:  they have many fragile, dangling parts that may increase the book's susceptibility to damage.

The Architecture Pack by Ron Van Der Meer and Deyan Sudjic

The Architecture Pack is a very detailed display of all sorts of architecture ranging from early cabins and structures, cathedrals, palaces and modern buildings.  The book includes tons of moving, workable parts as well as biographies of some of the world's greatest architects.  It's a great way to study design principles and the evolution of architecture.  Students interested in science, engineering and design may find this incredibly inspiring.  Here is a video of the author reviewing each page of the book:

The Pop-Up Book of Phobias
The Pop-Up Book of Phobias by Gary Greenberg and Matthew Reinhart
Phobias may have an innocuous cover, but it has some of the most engaging, potentially frightening pop-ups of any book I've seen. Yes, I snuck another Reinhart creation on this list but it is worth it! This book uses the artwork to explore different phobias (which is always a good way to review root words with students) and the pictures masterfully illustrate each term. It could be a good assignment to ask students to make their own illustrations of phobias not featured. Anyway, here is a video of the book:

Sports Illustrated Kids WOW! The Pop-Up Book of Sports
Sports Illustrated Kids Wow!  The Pop-Up Book of Sports
The Pop-Up Book of Sports will entice sports fans with its pictures of some of the best plays from golf, baseball, football, basketball and other games. The pop-ups include actual photographs of sports teams and athletes, and lots of facts and statistics are included on each page.

Pop-up Facts: Human Body (Pop-up Facts)
Pop-Up Facts:  Human Body

Human Body gives students a chance to examine many facets of the human body, like the skeletal system, muscles and organs. This book would be great to supplement biology lessons.

This concludes this edition of pop-up book mania. As I discover more, I'll update these lists.

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