Thursday, June 14, 2012

MathMovesU: Middle-Grade Worksheets & Games

Middle-grade math teachers should visit MathMovesU because it has a lot of valuable tools for classroom use.
The coolest thing on MathMovesU is a set of games for students to both enjoy and practice math skills. They set it up so that you can play the game without registering, or you can register your class to use the games and quizzes for assessment grades.  
As students play, they get to explore themed settings with quizzes and games related to each location.  Themes range from travel to fashion to sports.
My favorite game here is the baseball game, which lets students practice their swing, and then answer questions about ratios, percents and proportion.  They can compare win/loss records and batting averages for their answers.
Another impressive game, The Sum of All Thrills, allows students to build their own thrill ride.
The website also includes an abundance of free, printable math worksheets from dozen of topics like algebra, ratios, fractions, geometry, etc.  The activities also include answer keys.


  1. Maths worksheets are much better way to improve maths skills as we know maths required practice and worksheets help us in solving maths problem in a single sheet, it saves time.

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting!

      I'm all for students getting practice on worksheets, but I know they aren't the most engaging things in the world. Especially in math, students tend to have worksheet after worksheet, or tons of problems from the book. Mixing things up with a game or hands-on activity gives them the same practice but makes things interesting. Fortunately, MathMovesU has good worksheets AND games!

  2. A wonderful idea of learning math at the same time playing games without feeling them bored. I believe that in learning we don't focus on study alone but we find time to entertain our minds with this boggling games in order not to feel us bored and dull.

    Jojo @ Math Subtraction Worksheets