Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review Any Subject with a 'Word Whomp'

This cool idea comes courtesy of Beg.Borrow.Teach, and it's a neat way to review almost any subject, particularly social studies and history.  They call it Word Whomp.

Simply make letters for A-Z on cards or paper.  Put them all in a paper bag or a shoebox.  Give it a good shake, select a letter, and give students 1-3 minutes to write everything beginning with that letter that comes to mind about the subject.

For instance, if they're studying the Great Depression and the letter "S" is picked, a student may jot down "soup lines, social security, stock market crash," etc.  The student with the most things listed correctly can have the privilege of picking the next letter from the bag.  

I think this activity is ideal for review just prior to a unit test.

You can probably adapt this to closely resemble the game Scattegories.  Perhaps you can have the students discover if anyone came up with words that no one else did, and they can win the round.

Visit the blog to see her examples of the activity and the extension she included!

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