Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Foldables for Upper-Level Math

If you think foldables are only useful for elementary students, think again!  The Enlightened Elephant shows us they work perfectly in middle-grade math, too.

She shows us two examples of how her students use foldables.  One was a 6-top tab booklet foldable that explains that different types of angles (complementary, supplementary, corresponding, etc).  Students had to draw an example of each type and then create and solve a problem with each tab.

They also made a shutterfold foldable to show quadratic functions in standard and vertex form.  Inside, they demonstrated both forms, created a problem to solve, and graphed their answers.

I really love seeing various uses of foldables, and I love that they're versatile to use in virtually and subject and grade level.

How can you add foldables to your math lessons?

image:  microsoft

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