Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Female Characters w/ Brains

Introducing students to relatable characters is essential in increasing their enjoyment of reading.  We teach students to make personal connections to their readings, and books with awesome characters make it easy for students to do so.

That's why I appreciate Byrdseed's lists of children's novels with gifted female characters.  Off the top of your head, how many gifted female characters can you name?  After being stumped for awhile, the only character that came to my mind that is not already named on the lists is Valentine Wiggin from the Ender's Game series.  What do you think this suggests about a disadvantage faced by gifted girls you teach?  Perhaps Byrdseed's two lists can be a source of inspiration for you.

Included are gifted girl characters from classics, such as Matilda, A Wrinkle in Time (Meg Murry), and The Westing Game's Turtle Wexler.  Also mentioned are girls from more recent novels, like Deza Malone from The Mighty Miss Malone.  Check it out!  

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