Saturday, June 30, 2012

Synonym Cinnamon Roll Activity

I love this idea I found on Pinterest, posted by FirstGradeParade, MessyJofU and SweetTeachings.  Have students explore synonyms in this hands-on lesson that culminates in a sweet treat for the class!

Students work collaboratively to come up with synonyms for a given word, and then consult a thesaurus.  Once all their synonyms are chosen, they write all their words on a paper craft that spirals in the shape of a cinnamon roll.

Once their "buns" are complete, you can create a cool classroom display with the "buns" posted in front of foil, resembling a chef's tray.  SweetTeachings shares an example  of her version of this nice display.  The classes concluded the word activity by snacking on cinnamon bun-flavored cereal treats, which I'm sure they enjoyed.

FirstGradeParade also posted little handouts to help students in their thinking about the words, as well as instructions for cute chefs hats for students to wear during the activity!

Mmm, cinnamon rolls....

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